Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)
27th meeting of the Executive Committee

11 January 2018

Draft Summary Record

  1. The Executive Committee held its 27th meeting on 11 January 2018, to formalize the change of address, hosted by CMAC Accountancy, as part of the administrative transition from ISOC. The meeting took place in a virtual setting.
  2. The following members participated in the meeting:
    Avri Doria, Marilyn Cade, Tarek Kamel, Markus Kummer, Jimson Olufuye, Edmon Chung, Eduardo Santoyo; and Secretary Jennifer Chung.A quorum was established for the meeting, with seven of the nine Executive Committee members participating.
  3. The Executive Committee approved the address change. Henceforth, the following address will be the Association’s new postal address:The Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)
    World Trade Centre II
    CP 228
    1215 Genève Aéroport