Q. What is the IGFSA and what is it not?


A.1. The Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA) is a not-for-profit association established to support the United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The goal of the IGFSA is to provide stable and sustainable financial support for the IGF Secretariat and to fund related activities.

A.2. The IGFSA does not deal with the IGF program or substantive issues that are part of the IGF core mission. The Association focuses solely on building support and complementary funding to support the IGF Secretariat and related activities.

Q.What is IGFSA’s relationship to the UN IGF Trust Fund?


A. The Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA) is a not-for-profit association established to support the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). The goal of the IGFSA is to provide stable and sustainable financial support for the IGF Secretariat and to fund related activities. It supports National and Regional IGF Initiatives (NRIs) and contributes to the UN IGF Trust Fund. The legal framework for the relations between UNDESA and IGFSA is set forth in an exchange of letters.


Q.What is the IGFSA’s purpose?


A. The Association’s purpose is to promote and support the IGF Secretariat, participation by parties who cannot be supported by the UN-IGF Trust Fund, as well providing support to the national and regional IGF initiatives. It shall notably support the general objectives of the IGF and:

  • Provide funds to maintain and strengthen the IGF Secretariat
  • Identify new sources of funding and facilitate funding of the IGF;
  • Make contributions to the IGF Trust Fund administered by the United Nations;
  • Award fellowships for participation at IGF meetings, including preparatory meetings
  • Support national and regional IGF Initiatives as feasible
Q. What will it do?

A. The IGFSA will provide mechanisms to allow for easy and efficient donation of funds to the IGF and IGF–related activities. These funds can come in any contribution size, from large to small. The majority of the funds collected will be allocated to the UN IGF Trust Fund. The rest will be used to fund other IGF related activities, such as awarding fellowships and travel allowances for individuals to IGF consultations, the annual IGF meeting, as well as regional and national IGF initiatives. The IGFSA will engage in outreach and awareness to build support to the IGF, as well as conducting fundraising activities to reach a broad and diverse audience of stakeholders.

Q. Who can join the IGFSA as a member?

A. Anyone can apply for membership in the IGFSA, either as an individual or as a legal entity, that organizations, corporations or businesses. Although launched only recently, members to date are from all corners of the globe and from all sectors. The IGFSA seeks to build on the IGF tradition of inclusiveness and multistakeholder participation and welcomes diversity among its membership. IGFSA members are individuals, organizations and corporations.

Q. Who should join and why?

A. Anyone who wants to show support and strengthen the IGF should join the IGFSA. Individuals, organizations and corporations are encouraged to apply for membership. Parties who care deeply about relationships and the sharing of ideas and experiences about what has worked when it comes to key policy or technical issues relating to the Internet should join the IGFSA. The IGF is one of the most successful outcomes of the United Nations World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) and brings together governments, civil society, the private sector and the technical community from around the globe to an informal setting, free from binding negotiations. By joining the IGFSA, you help strengthen the IGF as a unique platform for all of these stakeholders to openly exchange perspectives and concerns on key issues that may affect the future of the Internet.

Q. What will the IGFSA do with the funds it collects?

A. The funds collected will be divided into three categories: funds to be sent to the UN-IGF Trust Fund; funds to improve IGF consultations; annual meeting participation and functionality; and support to the national and regional IGF Initiatives.

Q. What are the membership dues? How do I pay my dues?

A. The Inaugural General Assembly determined the membership dues as follows:

USD 25 for individual members and USD 100 for legal entities (i.e. organizations, corporations and businesses). Credit card payments are accepted through the Stripe payment gateway.

  • Existing IGFSA members may pay their dues after logging in here.
  • New IGFSA prospective members may enrol at the Membership Information page here.
Q. What amounts are being sought by the fundraising committee?

A. Membership fees are kept low to allow the broadest membership possible. However, in addition to membership fees, members and others are encouraged to make contributions to IGFSA to support IGFSA’s core mission and activities. All contributions are welcomed to support the IGF.

Q. I want to make a contribution that is not in the listed amounts. Are those fixed contribution amounts, or can IGFSA accept other amounts?

A. The IGFSA appreciates all contributions and will aggregate contributions, large and small.

Q.Where is the IGFSA located and how is it administered/governed?

A. The IGFSA’s legal presence is Geneva, Switzerland but is comprised of members from around the globe. The IGFSA’s activities are managed by an Executive Committee. The committee is elected by the members of the IGFSA. Among its tasks are the preparation of the annual budget, including recommendations, membership dues for approval by the General Assembly, developing communications materials and fundraising strategies; establishing principles for allocating funds raised on behalf of the IGFSA. The Executive Committee is supported by a Secretary and Secretariat who are responsible for day-to-day activities, carrying out the Association’s operational tasks, preparing for meetings and other regular office requirements.

Q. When does the IGFSA Executive Committee meet? How does it conduct business?

A. The IGFSA Executive Committee meets monthly via conference call, and will also meet face to face, when possible, during IGF Consultations, or when a majority of IGFSA Executive Committee members are present at other international meetings. Minutes are taken by the Secretary and posted on the IGFSA website. The IGFSA Executive Committee has initially established two Subcommittees –one for Outreach and Communications and one for Fundraising.

Q. I am interested in the IGFSA, but want to read more about its purpose. How do I find out more?

A. Visit the IGFSA website at www.igfsa.org. Review our downloadable brochure, the pledge form, bylaws, and recent press releases. In addition, if you would like to talk to someone directly, you can send an email to [email protected] and the Secretary/Secretariat will contact you.

Q. You mention that the major decisions are developed by the Executive Committee and then presented to the membership at the Annual meeting. When is the Annual Meeting and how do I participate?

A. The Annual meeting will be scheduled during the IGF meetings, so that the majority of members can participate in person. Remote participation will be provided. The meeting will be announced via the website and via an email to all paid up members by the Secretariat a few weeks before the IGF meeting. In 2016, the IGF will be held December 6-9 in Guadalajara, Mexico.