Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)

31st meeting of the Executive Committee

12 September 2018


Summary Record

  1. The Executive Committee held its 31st meeting on 12 September 2018. The meeting took place in a virtual setting, with the following participants:
    Marilyn Cade, Avri Doria,  Tarek Kamel, Markus Kummer;  Jennifer Chung (Secretary). Mandy Carver from ICANN also participated.A quorum was established for the meeting, with four of the seven Executive Committee members taking part in the call.
  1. A draft agenda had been circulated prior to the call and was adopted as proposed:
    1. Adoption of the agenda
    2. Financial situation/Fundraising
    3. Fundraising event @ICANN 63
    4. IGFSA fellowship: extension of contract
    5. IGFSA Executive Committee renewal
    6. AOB

Financial situation /Fundraising

  1. The Chair gave an overview of the financial situation and walked the meeting through a table that was sent out prior to the meeting. The balance as per 11 September was USD 12,327.40. It was noted that there were firm commitments of ICANN and the NRO to make a contribution of USD 50,000 each. However, these funds had not yet been transferred and IGFSA had commitments that exceeded its reserves. At its last meeting the Executive Committee had agreed in principle to continue the fellowship beyond the six months agreed on originally, should this prove necessary. In the meantime,  Anja had made a request for the fellowship to be extended for another two months. With the pledged contributions from ICANN and the NRO and funds reserved for the fellowship, the accessibility fund and the contribution to the Macedonia IGF, there was a notional balance of USD 90,417.40.

    Marilyn reported that the Business Constituency was working to bring in regional business at ICANN Barcelona for an outreach event for business engagement. This event could also be used to promote IGFSA and invite the European business community to get involved in IGFSA.

Fundraising event @ICANN 63

  1. The EC agreed to hold the fundraising/outreach event late afternoon on Tuesday 23 October. Marilyn volunteered to coordinate with Mandy to reserve a concrete time-slot and a room.The objectives of the event are threefold:
    • recognizing current donors
    • recruiting new members
    • recruiting new donors.

    The main IGFSA message will focus on the support of the NRIs.

    Invitations will be sent out to Secretariat of UNHLPDC, IGF Secretariat, GAC members, ccNSO leadership, ICANN Board IGWG, NRI coordinators, ICANN regional VPs and ISOC attendees

IGFSA Fellowship: extension of contract

  1. The Executive Committee confirmed its decision in principle taken at its June meeting to continue to support Anja and authorized the Chairman to proceed to an exchange of letters extending the fellowship for another two months. It took note that Anja had applied for the open IGF Secretariat staff position as soon as the vacancy note was posted, but it was unlikely that a decision would be taken before late October.

IGFSA Executive Committee renewal

  1. For this agenda item there was no quorum, as Tarek had to leave the call for another commitment; the Executive Committee was therefore not in a position to take any decision relazed to its renewal. It was noted that two of Executive Committee members – Avri and Marilyn – reached the end of their term, but were eligible for re-election. In addition, as the Executive Committee now consisted of seven members, two more seats could be filled. The Chair suggested to issue an open call for candidates for the four open seats and expressed his hope that both Avri and Marilyn would stand for re-election.  Any decision in this matter was deferred to the next meeting.


  1. It was agreed to hold a breakfast meeting during ICANN meeting in Barcelona on Tuesday 23 October. Jennifer was asked to make the necessary arrangements with Mandy.