The IGFSA Executive Committee is comprised of at least five and no more than nine members, elected by the General Assembly. Among its tasks are the preparation of the annual budget for approval by the General Assembly, developing communications materials and fundraising strategies; establishing principles for allocating funds raised on behalf of the IGFSA. The Executive Committee is supported by a Secretariat with responsibility for day to day activities and carrying out the Association’s operational tasks such as preparing for meetings and other regular office requirements.

2018 IGFSA Executive Committee

  • Manu Bhardwaj, Mastercard
  • Marilyn Cade, mCADE
  • Edmon Chung, DotAsia
  • Avri Doria, Independent Researcher
  • Tarek Kamel, ICANN
  • Markus Kummer, IGFSA Chair
  • Karen McCabe, IEEE
  • Jimson Olufuye, AfiCTA
  • Eduardo Santoyo, .co