Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)

43rd meeting of the Executive Committee

2 March 2021

Draft Summary Record


  1. The Executive Committee held its 43rd meeting on 2 March 2021. The meeting took place in a virtual setting with the following participants: Markus Kummer (Chair), Brian Cute, Wisdom Donkor, Makane Faye, Chris Mondini, Joyce Chen, Nigel Hickson; IGFSA Secretariat: Edmon Chung, Jennifer Chung.  A quorum was established for the meeting, with seven of the nine Executive Committee members taking part in the call.


  1. Brian Cute gave an update regarding conversations with Registries (Ry) and Registrars (Rr) about fundraising and support. He mentioned that there were a few points regarding sponsorship into IG that were important for the Rrs and Rys including:
  • Being more than just supporting multistakeholderism, being concrete and aligned with their corporate priorities
  • Opportunity to interact with regulators
  • DNS abuse is the top-of-mind issueBrian suggested that the IGFSA could talk this community as a whole regarding IGF support more broadly that addresses the points above.


  1. The Chair added that there is an established Dynamic Coalition (DC on DNSI ) on these matters. There were suggestions that there could be education opportunities re DNS Abuse at the technical level as opposed to content.   There was a suggestion that IGFSA can host a gathering/seminar for donors/NRIs/target audience and discuss items they may be interested in (i.e. DNS Abuse and other topics).


  1. There was a brief discussion on looking at the IGF attendance lists if public to collect data points for the value proposition as well as looking at some regulation issues of concern for target groups.


  1. Joyce Chen gave a brief update on the IGF MAG meeting. She reported that there was a meeting with representatives of the TechEnvoy office regarding the High-level Multistakeholder Body. There was general consensus from the MAG that the IGF should increase its efforts to be more outcomes-oriented and communicating outputs to third parties.  She noted that here was also a greater importance from the UN to deliver outputs from IGF to governments via the Permanent Missions.


  1. There was some further discussion on IGFSA connecting with efforts and funding from different regions and sectors (i.e the African region where funding is available for topics such as machine-learning and other emerging technologies) and tie this into efforts and work done at the IGF/intersessional activities.


  1. The Secretariat assisted with the update regarding the IGFSA website and communications plan. It was suggested that there should be an additional communications channel set up between the EC and Secretariat.Action: Secretariat to set up Skype group for EC/Sec and set up call to discuss further communications plans with Joyce regarding the social media channels for IGFSA.


  1. The Chair gave an update regarding the request from DC Accessibility on IGFSA funding sign language interpretation and real-time captioning for calls/work on IGF website redesign.


  1. AOB
    Joyce Chen shared a call for proposals from APNIC
    Next call: 16 March, 12:00 UTC