Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)

44th meeting of the Executive Committee

16 March 2021

Draft Summary Record


  1. The Executive Committee held its 44th meeting on 16 March 2021. The meeting took place in a virtual setting with the following participants: Markus Kummer (Chair), Makane Faye, Chris Mondini, Joyce Chen, Nigel Hickson; IGFSA Secretariat: Jennifer Chung.  Apologies received from Brian Cute. A quorum was established for the meeting, with five of the nine Executive Committee members taking part in the call.


  1. Chris Mondini gave an update regarding ICANN funding support for IGFSA. He mentioned that the funding (USD 30K) has been approved and is expected to be sent to the IGFSA account by the end of the month.
  2. Joyce Chen gave an update regarding the communications campaign for IGFSA. She mentioned that she spoke with the Secretariat team with the additional members to handle social media content. She suggested that the IGFSA can start with a get-to-know EC members series for LinkedIn since that platform has more professional content.  The format will be some framing questions and perhaps EC members can think about a few that they would like to talk about.  There was discussion to subsequently expand this to NRIs at a later stage.  She mentioned that she tasked the Secretariat to work out a template for the newsletter and concluded that it would be best to launch the communications plan to coincide with the reopening of the NRI funding requests.


  1. The Secretariat gave a brief update on the IGFSA website improvements and updates. There were changes made to the EC page, news and announcements as well as content and placement edits on the homepage.  There was a discussion on placement and prominence of the organizational members and donor logos and it was decided that the descriptive text can be clarified.  It was further suggested that this can be revisited as IGFSA gains additional organization donors.


  1. There was a discussion on updating the NRI funding request form to include a question asking for a simple budget/what the requested IGFSA funding will help support. The Secretariat confirmed that a field to upload documents can be added to the form.


  1. AOB
    There was a reminder to the EC to look at the shared folder to add further contacts to the fund raising tool before the next call.