Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)

49th meeting of the Executive Committee

25 May 2021


  1. The Executive Committee held its 49th meeting on 25 May 2021. The meeting took place in a virtual setting with the following participants: Markus Kummer (Chair), Joyce Chen, Chris Mondini, Jimson Olufuye; IGFSA Secretariat: Jennifer Chung. Apologies were received from Brian Cute. A quorum was established for the meeting, with four of the eight Executive Committee members taking part in the call.


  1. The agenda for the meeting was adopted. The minutes of the 48th meeting were adopted with with edits including the UNECA tribute website to Makane Faye.


Opening funding requests

  1. There was a discussion regarding the IGFSA newsletter and the announced for the reopening of funding requests. It was suggested that the first issue of the newsletter should include a summary of what IGFSA has achieved as an introduction. The EC decided that the funding request reopening announced during the UN NRI call on 31 May coupled with stand-alone announcement across social media accounts and website.


  1. There was consensus that the EC will be considering requests individually based on submitted budget to decide on approvals for funding amounts. It was noted that the eligibility for funding requests should be added to IGFSA website for clarification. The Secretariat took an action to work with Joyce Chen to make the necessary additions.  The Secretariat also took an action to circulate the request form for EC review before announcement.


LinkedIn profile campaign launch

  1. Joyce Chen gave a brief update regarding the LinkedIn profile campaign. The Secretariat shared that the tribute to Makane is currently ready as part of the first issue of the newsletter as well as part of the LinkedIn profile launch.


  1. The order of appearance was decided and finalized subsequent to the EC call as follows:
    • EC: Makane Faye (tribute)
      • Brian Cute, Joyce Chen, Wisdom Donkor
      • Nigel Hickson, Jimson Olufuye, Eduardo Santoyo
      • Chris Mondini, Markus Kummer, IGFSA Secretariat


Newsletter spotlights

  1. The Secretariat gave an update regarding the post-production for the donor interview with ICANN. It was decided that the next donor spotlights will be with the NRO (next quarterly issue), and Google with focus on the Accessibility fund.  For the NRI spotlight, it was discussed and decided that the focus could begin with the regional initiatives who have received funding before, such as West African IGF, African IGF, EuroDIG, SEEDIG, APrIGF etc. It was suggested that IGFSA approach Mary Uduma for the first spotlight as she represents a multitude of national and regional initiatives (Nigeria IGF, West African IGF).  It was suggested that the IGFSA also approach the MAG chair and the IGF Secretariat as well.  The Secretariat was tasked with an action to create an email instruction template for interview invitees.


Intersessional activities

  1. As part of the outreach, Joyce Chen volunteered to ask the MAG chair regarding any intersessional activities (aside from scheduled MAG meetings) that would be appropriate for IGFSA to share and present ongoing work.



  1. The Chair announced that the ICANN funding in now in the IGFSA account. Joyce Chen noted that the NRO approved IGFSA funding for this year (USD 50k).  She added that there was discussion regarding funding support from next year onwards, the NRO would like to see more diversified donor and funding sources.  There was consensus for Joyce Chen to convey thanks from IGFSA to NRO.  Regarding the BC outreach, Jimson Olufuye agreed to coordinate with Brian for a follow up.



  1. The was a question regarding whether the IGFSA General Assembly at IGF 2021 would require an application via the IGF call for sessions. The Chair took an action to confirm this item with the IGF Secretariat.

    Next call: Tuesday 8 June, 12:00 UTC