The Summary Record of IGFSA 10th Meeting of the Executive Committee that was held 23 June 2015 at the ICANN Meeting in Buenos Aires and via WebEx.

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Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)


10th meeting of the Executive Committee

23 June2015

 Summary Record

1.              The Executive Committee held its tenth meeting on 23 June 2015 during the ICANN Meeting in Buenos Aries and via WebEx. The following members and staff were present or participated remotely:

Raúl Echeberría, Chair; Marilyn Cade, Tarek Kamel, Cheryl Miller, Jimson Olufuye, Edmon Chang; Markus Kummer, Kyle Shulman.

2.              The meeting noted that there was a majority of the Executive Committee members taking part in the call and that therefore, as required by the Articles of Association, there was a quorum for holding a regular meeting.  The Executive Committee welcomed Jimson Olufuye as it new member.

3.              The following agenda had been circulated prior to the call and was adopted as proposed:

a. Adoption of Agenda
b. Admission of new members
c. State of IGFSA Finances
d. Contribution Policy
e.  Schedule of meetings ahead when we might do fundraising and awareness and
     communications activities
f. Communications and Fundraising Actions
g.  Any other business

4.              Admission of new members

The following individuals were approved for membership to the IGFSA:

Eleanor Mitch

Elizabeth Oluch

Georges Aka

Tracy Hackshaw

Kevin Craemer

Mark Buell

It was suggested  “up-selling” individual memberships as a way to bring in further funds, that is encourage new members to pay more than the regular membership fee.

6.              State of IGFSA Finances

The following status of the IGFSA’s bank accounts:

CHF account: 198.88

USD account: 114,793.07

Paypal:  977.78

ISOC’s Finance Department will produce a comprehensive mid-year account report on our finances.  (Roughly, the IGFSA has collected over $275,000 to date).

7.              Contribution Policy

It was determined that a funding criteria questionnaire for Regional and National IGFs be implemented to allow for requests for support.   The questionnaire proposed by the secretariat was approved and would be developed as an online survey.

An idea to increase remote participation activities at Regional and National Meetings was brought up to provide more individuals the ability to participate in meetings remotely.

Providing funding for the IGF Secretariat was brought up to provide travel to increase presence of Secretariat at Regional and National Events.  Sending a letter to UNDESA requesting the increased presence of the IGF Secretariat at these meetings was being considered. Arranging a meeting to discuss this matter with the Assistant-Secretary-General in New York was discussed as another option.

8.              Schedule of meetings ahead when we might do fundraising and awareness and

communications activities.

The current list of potential fundraising targets would be placed in a more manageable document.  It was proposed that each Executive Team Member take a few potential targets and reach out to them.

The creation of a qualified list of targets be developed in order to seek face to face meetings with the IGFSA.  This will allow those who know contacts at target companies to develop personal  relationships. Goal would be to give a definite answer on fundraising.

One suggestion was to produce a letter specially for governments in Africa, individualized to each government, with a small briefing attachment of information on the updated timeline, and an invitation to contribute to the IGF UN Trust Fund, with specific details on how to begin that process. It was emphasized that this outreach letter to governments was not to ask for contributions to IGFSA, but was intended to help governments understand how they could contribute to the UN Trust Fund.

9.              Any Other Business

There was agreement that preparations ought to be started to organize the annual a General Assembly which will be held during the IGF 2015.

The WSIS+10 stakeholder consultation called by the President of the UN General Assembly on 2 July in New York was seen as a good opportunity for outreach activities. It was agreed that. Marilyn Cade and Markus Kummer should register under the IGFSA name for the event and seek a speaking role. The Executive Committee agreed to fund Marilyn Cade’s travel to attend the meeting.

The next call would be scheduled via Doodle for a time at end of July/ beginning of August.