The Summary Record of IGFSA 11th Meeting of the Executive Committee that was held 11 August and 3 September  at the IGF MAG Meeting Open Consultation in Paris and via WebEx.

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Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA) 

11th meeting of the Executive Committee

11 August / 3 September 2015

Summary Record


1.         The Executive Committee held its eleventh meeting on 11 August 2015 and continued the meeting on 3 September 2015 via Webex and during the MAG Meeting in Paris, France. The following members and staff were present or participated remotely:

Raúl Echeberría, Chair; Marilyn Cade, Tarek Kamel, Cheryl Miller, Jimson Olufuye, (11 August) Virat Bahtia, Subi Chaturvedi, Avri Doria ; Markus Kummer and Kyle Shulman.


2.         The meeting noted that there was a majority of the Executive Committee members taking part in the call and that therefore, as required by the Articles of Association, there was a quorum for holding a regular meeting.


3.         The following agenda had been circulated prior to the call and was adopted as proposed:

A. Adoption of the Agenda
B. Status of Funding
C. Regional IGF initiatives; funding requests
D. National IGF initiatives; funding requests
E. Fundraising/Outreach Update
F. Preparing the 2015 IGFSA AGM and related events (2015 IGF Booth, outreach event)

G. Renewal of the IGFSA Executive Committee
H. Support to a study/survey of the national and regional IGF Initiatives for distribution at the IGF 2015


4.         Status of Funding

Total IGFSA Funds Raised to Date (as of 1 September 2015):   $ 329486.58

  Segment Amount Allocated Amount Spent Remaining
60% UN-IGF Trust $197691.95 $114000.00 $83692.00
10% IGF Secretariat $32948.65 $16000.00 $16948.65
15% Regional National IGFs $49423.00 $17500.00 $31923.00
7% Outreach/Comms $23064.06 $1135.92 $21928.08
8% IGFSA Contingency $26358.92 $954.25 $25404.68
  Total $329486.58 $149590.17 $179896.41

It was agreed that a sum of $38000 allocated to the UN-IGF Trust Fund be moved to help support National IGF initiatives, placing a sum of nearly $70000 toward strengthening National IGFs.


5.         Regional IGF initiatives; funding requests

Money had been sent via wire to the Regional IGFs that were selected for funding EuroDIG, APrIGF, East Africa IGF, African IGF, West African IGF, Central African IGF and LAC IGF.  The two remaining Regional events still have not updated our requests so we are waiting to do so before we send them the funds,  (Persian IGF and Arab IGF.)


6.         National IGF initiatives; funding requests

The IGFSA received a total of 21 requests for funding for National IGFs.  The executive committee agreed to provide funds of $2000 per event to the follow:

Armenian IGF (7 September 2015)

Senegal IGF (17 September 2015)

Rwanda IGF (18 September 2015)

Ghana IGF (28 September 2015)

Colombia IGF (28 September 2015)

Bosnia- Herzegovina IGF (1 October 2015)

Ecuador IGF (8 October 2015)

Sierra Leone IGF (12 October 2015)

Paraguay IGF (3 November 2015)

Moldova IGF (4 November 2015)

Togo IGF (6 November 2015)

Sri Lanka IGF (11 December 2015)

Chad IGF   (31 December 2015)

The secretariat will proceed to arrange for the payments in the coming weeks.


7.         Fundraising/Outreach Update

This agenda item was omitted to prioritize other agenda items.  It will be discussed at the next meeting.


8.         Preparing the 2015 IGFSA AGM and related events (2015 IGF Booth, outreach event)

It was agreed to hold the IGFSA General Assembly on the Second Day of the meeting, 11 November 2015, during the lunch break.


9.         Renewal of the IGFSA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee discussed how best to organize its timely renewal. There was an emerging consensus that the most fair and logical manner to deal with this is to draw lots (for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years). Prior to the next call, the Executive Committee will work out how to determine the random selection of its members


10.       Support to a study/survey of the national and regional IGF Initiatives for distribution at the IGF 2015.

A survey was proposed by the outreach sub-committee to conduct a survey on National and Regional IGFs to be presented during the substantive session on regional and national IGFs.  The survey would be analyzed by the IGFSA secretariat and presented at the meeting.  Clarification was requested on the proposal to ensure transparency.