Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)

13th meeting of the Executive Committee

1 December 2015

Summary Record


1.         The Executive Committee held its thirteenth meeting on 1 December 2015 via Webex. The follow individuals participated remotely:

Marilyn Cade, Tarek Kamel, Jimson Olufuye, Avri Doria, Chery Miller, Subi Chaturvedi and Virat Bahtia; Markus Kummer and Kyle Shulman. In the absence of the Chairman, who had a last minute impediment, the meeting was chaired by the Secretary.


2.         The meeting noted that there was a majority of the Executive Committee members taking part in the call and that therefore, as required by the Articles of Association, there was a quorum for holding a regular meeting.


3.         The following agenda had been circulated prior to the call and was adopted as proposed:

A. Adoption of the Agenda

B. Relations with UNDESA (Including next contribution to the UN IGF Trust Fund)

C. Approval of new members

D. Summary Record of the General Assembly



4.         Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted by the IGFSA Executive Committee.


5.         Relations with UNDESA (Including next contribution to the UN IGF Trust Fund)

The Members of the IGFSA Executive Committee discussed ways to enhance visibility in the community and also how to improve the information about IGFSA, its purpose and its activities. To follow-up on discussions held in João Pessoa between IGFSA members and representatives of UNDESA it was felt that it would be beneficial to arrange a meeting with UNDESA during the WSIS+10 Meeting in New York to clarify possible misunderstandings and to discuss how best to create synergies.

The Executive Committee also recalled an earlier decision, made at the fifth IGFSA Executive Committee call on 2 December 2014, to contribute to the UN-IGF Trust bi-annually.  To fulfill this agreement, it was agreed to reserve USD $86,000.00 for this purpose.  This would create a total of USD $200,000, or 60% of the total revenues, to be given to the UN-IGF Trust Fund in 2015.


6.         Approval of new membership requests

The Executive Committee aadmitted the following new Members of the Association:

1. Leopold ADJAKPA

2. Omar Mansoor Ansari

3.  Gbetonji Vivien Assanngbe Wotto

4. Sonigitu Ekpe

5. Lito Ibarra

6. Lillian Nalwoga

7. Clovis Baptista

8. Gustavo Diógenes Paiva

9. Leonid Todorov

10. Jane Coffin


7.          Summary Record of the General Assembly

The Summary Record of the Second IGFSA General Assembly was approved by the Executive Committee to be submitted for final approval by the General Assembly at the next IGFSA GA in Mexico in 2016.


8.         AOB

A side event sponsored by the IGFSA was proposed, to be held during the WSIS+10  High-Level Event in New York.  The proposal included sponsoring of individuals to attend the event “IGF: Internet Governance Empowering Sustainable Development”.  The Executive Committee agreed to make a decision on this proposal at a later date once more details would be available.

It was agreed to hold an end of the year call to take stock after the WSIS+10 event would on 17 or 18 December.  The exact timing would be determined through a Doodle Poll.