Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)
18th meeting of the Executive Committee
7 September 2016
Summary Record

1. The Executive Committee held its eighteenth meeting on 7 September 2016 via Zoom. The following members and staff participated remotely:

Raúl Echeberría, Chair; Marilyn Cade; Edmon Chung; Avri Doria; Tarek Kamel;  Jimson Olufuye. Markus Kummer, Kyle Shulman.

 2. It was noted that with five Members of the Executive Committee taking part in the call a quorum was established for holding the meeting.

 3. A draft agenda had been circulated prior to the call and was adopted as follows:

a) Adoption of the Agenda

b) NRI Funding Requests

c) Fellowship Requests

d) AOB

4. The Executive Committee approved two NRI requests  (Bolivia IGF provided further info proved satisfactory) and the South African IGF.   The remaining NRIs colour coded green were approved in principle pending the transfer of funds that had been pledged

5. The Executive Committee discussed two fellowship requests, one from the NRI Coordinators and one from the Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability. While it was recalled that providing fellowships was listed as one of the objectives of the Association, it was felt that at this stage it would be better to adhere to the policy established earlier and refrain from awarding fellowships for the time being. The point was made that there are other avenues in which individuals can seek fellowships for travel to IGF meetings. However, this was an issue that should be taken up with the IGFSA membership and put on the agenda of the next General Assembly to discuss whether to create a dedicated budget line for fellowships and develop a selection mechanism.

6. Under any other business, Avri Doria reported in her quality as the liaison between the IGFSA and Internet Society that she will be meeting in person ISOC’s CFO  to discuss the future support that ISOC provides as an administrative and accounting backbone for the IGFSA.  She would update the Executive Committee on the discussions during the next call.