Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)

24th meeting of the Executive Committee

13 October 2017

Draft Summary Record

 The Executive Committee held its 24th meeting on 13 October 2017. The following Members and Co-Secretaries participated in the call:


Avri Doria, Marilyn Cade, Tarek Kamel, Markus Kummer, Jimson Olufuye, Eduardo Santoyo; Jennifer Chung, Kyle Shulman.

1.              A quorum was established for the meeting, with six of eight Executive Committee members participating.


2.              A draft agenda had been circulated prior to the call and was adopted as follows:

a) Adoption of the agenda

b) Adoption of the daft report of the June Executive Committee meeting

c) Composition of the Executive Committee

d) New arrangements for the administrative backstopping

e) Budget situation

f) Outreach to ccTLDs at ICANN 60

g) Meeting with NRIs at ICANN 60

h) Fundraising

i) AOB


Adoption of the summary record of the June Executive Committee meeting

3.              The report was adopted as it had been circulated. Executive Committee members seeked and

received assurances that measures had been taken to avoid any further similar delay in making the summary record available.


Composition of the Executive Committee

4.               The Executive Committee took note with regret that Subi Chaturvedi had handed in her resignation, due to professional reasons. It thanked Subi for her dedicated services to the Association and wished her well for her professional and personal future. It was agreed that the open position should be filled at the General Assembly to be held on 19 December in Geneva during the annual IGF meeting. IGFSA membership will be informed accordingly and interested candidates will be invited to put their name forward. Marilyn Cade volunteered to draft a letter specifying the requirements for the position, notably emphasizing the willingness to engage in fundraising. The Executive Committee also took note that the mandate of Tarek Kamel and Jimson Olufuye was up for renewal and invited both members to indicate in time whether they were planning to stand as candidates for a second term. It was also noted that Marilyn Cade’s and Edmon Chung’s second term would end in 2018 and Avri Doria’s in 2019.


New arrangements for administrative backstopping

5.              The Chair recalled that he had talks with the Swiss academic network and ccTLD operator SWITCH with a view to asking SWITCH to take over this task from ISOC. He informed the Executive Committee that unfortunately SWITCH, despite early positive signals, had come to the conclusion that it was not in a position to assume this task, mainly due to complex Swiss financial regulations. Instead, he had been in touch with the accountant who also served as an accountant for ISOC. He would be able to perform this task against a fee of estimated USD 5,000.–/year. The accountant would also be able to provide a physical Geneva address for the Association. The Executive Committee approved going forward with such an arrangement. Jennifer Chung reported that the Board of DotAsia had discussed providing support functions and it was agreed that a call should be arranged between the Chair and Edmon Chung  to discuss the details, preferably in the following week.


Budget situation

6.              The Executive Committee discussed the budget as per October 2017.  It was noted that compared to the budget allocation as approved by the General Assembly 2016, the Association had overspent on support for the NRIs while falling short on contributions to the UN IGF Trust Fund.  This was mainly due to the dynamics created by the rapid growth of the NRIs. As there were sufficient reserves available, it was agreed to continue supporting incoming NRI funding requests. It was also agreed to freeze USD 35,000.– as a possible support to the IGF Secretariat. The Chair informed the Executive Committee that he would meet a representative of UNDESA to discuss the modalities of such a support and he would report back to the Executive Committee to seek a decision.


Outreach to ccTLD at ICANN 60

7.              It was agreed to use the planned presentation to the ccNSO at ICANN 60 as an opportunity to prepare a dedicated event for interested ccTLDs at ICANN 61.


Meeting with NRIs at ICANN 60

8.              Marilyn Cade reported that there was considerable interest among NRIs to participate in the planned meeting at ICANN 60. It was agreed that Thursday 2 November would be the best date for such a meeting.



9.           The Executive Committee agreed that efforts to solicit funds from the ccTLD community would be the highest priority for the time being.



10.           Marilyn Cade informed the Executive Committee that she would be able to do some outreach at an event organized by the IEEE in Washington DC the following week.