Internet Governance Forum Support Association (IGFSA)

25th meeting of the Executive Committee

1 November 2017

Draft Summary Record

1.   The Executive Committee held its 25th meeting on 1 November 2017 in Abu Dhabi, in the margins of the ICANN meeting.  The following Members and Co-Secretaries participated in the meeting:

Avri Doria, Marilyn Cade, Tarek Kamel, Markus Kummer, Jimson Olufuye, Edmon Chung, Eduardo Santoyo; Jennifer Chung, Sophie Joo (observer).

A quorum was established for the meeting, with 7 of the eight Executive Committee members participating.

The Executive Committee expressed its appreciation to ICANN for hosting the meeting.


2.   A draft agenda had been circulated prior to the call and was adopted as follows:

a) Adoption of the agenda
b) Update on the administrative backstopping
c) Update on fellowship arrangements with UNDESA
d) Preparation of the General Assembly @IGF2017
e) Outreach to ccTLDs
f) Meeting with NRIs @ICANN 60
g) AOB


Update on the administrative backstopping

3.   Sophie Joo was introduced to the Executive Committee as part of the prospective Secretariat team and stayed as an observer to the proceedings.  Jennifer Chung gave a brief summary and update to the Executive Committee regarding the coordination of logistic arrangements on the transition of administrative backstopping between ISOC and DotAsia Organisation.  It was noted that there will be an alternative payment gateway other than Paypal for online payment of membership dues and donations that will allow individuals from more countries/territories to access easily.  It was also noted that the new IGFSA website will be soft launching in December with additional content on the supported NRIs.  Marilyn Cade volunteered to work with the incoming Secretariat team on finalizing the new IGFSA website content.


Update on fellowship arrangements with UNDESA

4.   The Chair gave an update on discussions with UNDESA on providing fellowships as in-kind contributions.  UNDESA was now ready to enter into such arrangements. The Executive Committee agreed that any funding of consultants by the Association needed to be in line with Swiss employment legislation.  The Chair took an action item to follow up with lawyers to ensure compliance with Swiss legislation and report back findings to Executive Committee.


Preparation of the General Assembly @IGF2017

5.   It was confirmed that the General Assembly of IGFSA will be held on Tuesday, 19 December 2017 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, in Building E, Room XXVII.  The Executive Committee agreed that photo and video materials from the NRIs as well as video messages from the Chair would add to the report at the GA and the Secretariat took an action item to collect these materials and work with Marilyn Cade to incorporate it into the report accordingly.  Tarek Kamel informed the Executive Committee that the ICANN reception will be held on the same evening and noted that the invitation should also be announced again at GA.


6.   The Chair noted that there are 3 positions to be filled in the Executive Committee and thanked Tarek Kamel and Jimson Olufuye for offering to stand again for re-election as Executive Committee Member.  It was agreed that he would send out a note to the IGFSA membership as a call for candidates. Marilyn Cade volunteered to draft a text to be included into the message that would explain what was expected from an EC member in terms of obligations such as attending meetings.  The Executive Committee agreed to pursue this discussion during a future meeting.


Outreach to ccTLDs

7.   The Executive Committee reviewed arrangements for the outreach event at the ccNSO. The event, to take place immediately after the EC meeting, was to include a brief introduction from the Executive Committee Members Eduardo Santoyo, Marilyn Cade and Markus Kummer (chair) and a Q&A session.  The plan was to hold a follow-up event with the ccNSO at ICANN 61 in San Juan.

Meeting with NRIs @ICANN 60

8.   The Executive Committee took note of the meeting with NRIs, scheduled to take place on 2 November. All arrangements were in place and about 25 – 30 NRI representatives were expected to attend.



9.   Marilyn Cade gave a brief update about the upcoming NRI sessions and activities at IGF Geneva.  She noted that in the past year, the number of NRIs grew from 57 to 104, with 6 newly formed NRIs holding their first meeting in 2017.

10.   The EC also held a brief discussion whether it was necessary to review the Articles of Association. They had been changed at the 2016 General Assembly and non-payment of membership fees was no longer a reason for exclusion. Marilyn Cade proposed revisiting that clause. The executive Committee agreed to discuss this further at its next meeting.