The 2020 IGFSA General Assembly is around the corner! The General Assembly is now listed on the official programme as an IGF 2020 pre-event. Please reserve the date:

Monday, 2 November 2020 – 12:25 to 13:55 UTC.

Draft Agenda

  1. Adoption of the agenda
  2. Approval of the Summary Record of the 2019 General Assembly
  3. Executive Committee election
  4. Adoption of the contents of the reports and financial statements for the year (Final 2019-2020 Annual Report can be found here – added Nov 3, 2020)
  5. Approval of the annual budget, based upon a recommendation by the Executive Committee
  6. Fundraising/Crowdfunding
  7. Release of obligations of the Executive Committee members
  8. Any Other Business

Note: All documents are drafts until approved by the General Assembly

IGFSA Executive Committee Election

Three of our current members – Marilyn Cade, Edmon Chung and Avri Doria – reach the end of their second three year term on the Executive Committee. In addition, Nilmini Rubin has announced her resignation due to professional constraints. Nigel Hickson was appointed last year to fill the seat of the late Tarek Kamel whose term would have also come to an end in 2020. This position is therefore open to be filled. One of our outgoing Executive Committee members, Avri Doria, will be the Election Officer in charge of supervising the process. Election format and procedures can be found here.


Following the Submission of Statement of Interest (SOI) deadline, below is a list of verified/eligible candidates, having submitted their SOIs and membership dues prior to deadlines:

Candidacy for Positions

In order to be eligible for nominations and for voting, members need to pay their membership dues. Some time is needed to check the validity of the SOIs and the votes, and this has been built into the deadlines as follows:

  • Payment of membership dues in order to be eligible as a candidate: 12 October (Extended) 19 October.
  • Submission of Statement of Interest (SOI) to stand as a candidate: 15 October (Extended) 21 October.
  • Payment for membership dues in order to be qualified for voting: 23 October.
  • Ballots will be sent: 24 October.
  • Deadline for Casting your ballot:  30 October (02:00 UTC).

Membership Dues

This year we have streamlined online membership dues payment as unlike in previous years, we are unable to accept cash payments. Only members in good standing, that is members who have paid their membership dues, have voting rights and are eligible for the free positions on the Executive Committee. Members need to click the “Pay Membership Dues” button on the home page (which replaces the “Become a Member” button). On the “Membership Dues” page, members need to select their dues amount, input their full name, email address, (company name if corporate), and credit card/method of payment details. A tutorial on how to make payments is available here.


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